"ShaCarolyn has been gift from God. A true inspiration and blessing to my life. Before she took on the title of "Life Coach" she was already coaching me. I can always count on her and can honestly say being a Life Coach is truly her calling." 

Ayanis D

"ShaCarolyn is a truly gifted individual who is very passionate about helping others realize their potential. I always walk away from a session with greater clarity and sense of purpose." 

Corey H. 

Shacarolyn is an awesome life coach. She helps you to navigate through your issue and create a solution that makes sense for YOU! She brings compassion, a servant heart and gentle truth.

Twila B.


Virtuous Life Coaching and Empowerment has help me in so many ways. ShaCarolyn is an phenomenal leader and pushing those who seek help to become their best version of themselves. If you missed the "Love, Respect and building the Covenant" event you missed a panel speaking truth and educating us on how to building healthy relationships/marriages. I was truly enlightened! I can't wait for part 2!! 

Ciara T.

Such an awesome time supporting ShaCarolyn Halyard at her event "LOVE, RESPECT, and BUILDING THE COVENANT! The questions asked, the engagement from the audience, and the information shared by the panel was awesome. The food was DELISH and dessert was CHOCOLATE-Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate Cupcakes and Covered Strawberries....OMG!!!! 

What I love most about the event was the prayer from ShaCarolyn and Team praying as I walked up. They were praying that the lord use them to say things that are going to elevate relationships and marriages glorifying his name. I knew it was going to be a great event at that moment. #virtuouslife

Kayl May